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The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas is a museum in Tampere. The museum specialises in social history as well as recording, researching and exhibiting the history of work and workers. Our versatile exhibitions and lively event activities guarantee a continuous abundance of things to see and do at Werstas. Admission to  Werstas is always free. Drop by or explore our exhibitions for a whole day. Rain or shine, our doors are open – Werstas is your living room in the heart of the city.


Werstas is the largest free museum in Finland. Welcome!


Olli-Pekka Latvala



Väinö Linnan aukio 8
33210 Tampere
Tel. +358 10 420 9220


Werstas is located in Tampere, in the historic Finlayson factory area. See how easily you will find us!
All found items are taken to Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto lost property office.


The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11.00 am – 6.00 pm. Admission to Werstas is always free.
The museum is closed (in 2016): 25 Mar, 28 Mar, 24-26 Jun, 6 Dec, 24-26 Dec


The museum store is open
Mon 8.30 am – 3.30 pm
Tue-Fri 8.30 am – 5.45 pm
Sat-Sun 11.00 am – 5.45 pm


Check out our museum store online! (Finnish/English)


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Step into our delightful 1910-style cooperative store, admire our huge steam engine or familiarise yourself with our exhibitions that do more than just scratch the surface. Our exhibitions are always free of charge – welcome!


Museum of Liberty

The exhibition tells the story about the construction of the independent Finland – a country that existed as a class society under the Russian rule – into a welfare state. At the Museum of Liberty, freedom is discussed in terms of people and their daily life and the aspects of freedom and what they have meant in various times are pondered: freedom from hunger, freedom of speech, freedom to participate and organise and even the opportunity to take your child to daycare and study. The Museum of Liberty is a part of the Finland100 initiative.



Meirän kaupunki (Our town)

The museum’s main exhibition portrays the changes in working life, workers’ dwellings and the phases of the civic society in the 20th century. The exhibition allows you to familiarise yourself with a beginning-of-the-century cooperative store, Workers’ Savings Bank and People’s Hall.



The Steam Engine Museum

houses the largest steam engine ever used in Finland. The giant Sulzer machine, deployed in 1900, functioned as a power source for the Finlayson factory and it still stands in its original location.





Theme exhibitions


Siege of Leningrad


The photography exhibition depicts the events that took place in St. Petersburg 75 years ago. The siege of Leningrad (current St. Petersburg), taking place during the Second World War, lasting from September 8 1941 until January 27, 1944, caused great destruction and terrible loss of life. The German Army cut off Leningrad from the rest of the Soviet Union, and the northern side of Leningrad was blocked by the Finnish army. The citizens of Leningrad suffered from lack of food, fuel, and other necessary supllies. The siege of nearly 900 days cost many lives; over 640,000 civilians died as a result of starvation, cold and bombings. Several photographers have decipted this unspeakable misery in their documentary photographs which are curated in JSC Center of Exhibition and Museum Projects in St. Petersburg. The exhibition also displays posters about the defence of Leningrad from the Lenin Museum’s collections.



Contact details of the staff

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
Väinö Linnan aukio 8
33210 Tampere
tel. +358 10 420 9220


E-mail addresses:


Leena Ahonen
Head of Collections
tel. +358 10 420 9264


Jenni Ahto-Hakonen
Project Researcher
tel. +358 50 440 1185


Hanna Hannila
Head of Administration
tel. +358 10 420 9262


Antti Hannunen
Project Researcher
tel. +358 50 3725590 


Mia Heinimaa
Special Researcher (Lenin Museum)
tel. +358 10 420 9238


Linda Heinonen
Project Researcher
tel. +358 50 412 7604 


Ulla Jaskari
Head of Exhibitions
tel. +358 10 420 9263


Kalle Kallio
Museum Director
tel. +358 10 420 9261, +358 40 716 7520
(on leave)


Minna Karhunsaari
Head of Marketing
tel. +358 10 420 9265


Kimmo Kestinen
Senior Advisor
tel. +358 10 420 9266


Kamilla Kilponen
Customer Service Coordinator (Lenin Museum)
tel. + 358 10 420 9269


Anne Lahtinen
Head of Visitor Services
Substitute for Ulla Rohunen
tel. +358 104 209 237


Kati Lehtinen
Visual Designer
tel. +358 10 420 9231


Emilia Lemmetyinen
Project Researcher
tel. +358 504 401 192


Antti Makkonen
Project Researcher
tel. +358 50 447 7812


Sanna Moskari
Customer Service Coordinator
tel. +358 104 209 221


Juha Mäkelä
Museum Technician
tel. +358 10 420 9267


Tiina Naukkarinen
Special Researcher (The Finnish Museum of the Deaf)
tel. +358 40 528 6982
(on leave)


Olli Nordling
Museum Educator
Subtitute for Anne Lahtinen
tel. +358 50 441 8697


Ulla Rohunen
Museum Director (substitute for Kalle Kallio)
tel. +358 10 420 9227


Marita Viinamäki
(The Finnish Museum of the Deaf, substitute for Tiina Naukkarinen)
tel. + 358 10 420 9229


Hanna Yli-Hinkkala
Museum Educator
tel. +358 10 420 9228


The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
Väinö Linnan aukio 8
33210 Tampere
tel. +358 10 420 9220