The Finnish Labour Museum


Werstas offers events, children’s tours and happy learning experiences for the whole family.


Experiment, touch and explore!

There are many exciting things for children to explore at Werstas. You can for example inhale various scents from the old days at our cooperative store, play the harmonium to your heart’s content at the People’s Hall and try different tasks at our temporary exhibitions.



Miniature worlds

Our miniature models offer details and new perspectives about well-known places in the city of Tampere. Rumour has it that the Pispala miniature model contains all kinds of special features. Can you find a horse racing on a bicycle in the nooks and crannies of the miniature model?


Children’s favourite: Sulo, the barley bread machine

Come with your whole family and explore the delightful barley bread machine, Sulo! The red and yellow Sulo was made for the Rieväkylä ja Euroopan maku (Barley bread village and the taste of Europe) exhibition in 2011. Children fell in love with Sulo and it was decided to leave it on display after the exhibition ended. Little museum visitors have made over 20,000 barley breads per year by cranking the machine.